Branding Today: the importance of Design in social media strategy


  • Sara Gancho Design Management at the University of Lancaster
  • Rachel Cooper Design Management at the University of Lancaster


Branding, Design, Strategy.


This article is a brief discussion into the role of design when branding for social media. It talks about some of the problems of branding today and how communication is changing the relationship between companies and consumers. In the context of branding for social media it understands how design strategy can help brands better engage with their clients and improve their overall experience. Brands must be visionary and embrace the different realms of potential that awaits them with Design. Two examples are given and their approach on how Design can help in the overall brand’s social media strategy.

Biografia do Autor

Sara Gancho, Design Management at the University of Lancaster

My research looks into the role of the designer within the social media space. It looks into the branding process and how can design promote brands in this new media space. Understanding of the role of Design in Branding and in the different design disciplines is very important. The use of social media by brands is becoming a challenge for designers, as they are designing social media spaces, and the look and feel and content of this is ruled by marketing. I'm a full time PhD Student with a background in Graphic Design and a Master in Design and Visual Culture. I've worked as a Graphic Designer/ Art Finalist and Illustrator for some Design Companies and also been a Design and Marketing Teacher in IADE ( Institute of Art, Design and Marketing).

Rachel Cooper, Design Management at the University of Lancaster

Rachel Cooper is Professor of Design Management at the University of Lancaster, where she is Chair of the Lancaster Institute for the Contemporary Arts, co-Director of ImaginationLancaster, and co-Director of HighWire (Digital Economies Innovation Doctoral Training Centre). She is also President of the European Academy of Design, Editor of The Design Journal, and a trustee of the Research and Development Management Association (RADMA). She has recently become a member of the EU Design and Innovation Leadership Board, and has undertaken several advisory roles to national and international universities, government and non-governmental organisations. Professor Cooper's research projects have all been in collaboration with industry, working both nationally and internationally. She is currently working on Urban Futures, a four-year research project (2008-2012) developing alternative scenarios for sustainable regeneration, specifically addressing design decision-making and urban density. She has written over 100 papers and several books in the field, most recently: The Handbook of Design Management (Berg, August 2011).