Forbidden pleasures


  • Richard Williams University of Edinburgh


Forbidden pleasures, Bad Behaviour, TV drama.


In recent years American cable TV networks have produced some exceptionally high quality drama, sometimes described as the 'third golden age' of television. The Sopranos (1997-2007) is generally regarded as the first example, followed by The Wire (2002-8), with more recent series being Mad Men (2007-present) and Breaking Bad (2008-13). All have focused on characters who have been described by one critic as 'difficult men'. Outwardly respectable men, they lead double lives of one kind or another, leading to periodic outbursts of strange or violent behavior. All these series have been morally ambiguous, and - as many critics have noted - they have made morally dubious, illegal, and sometimes downright dangerous behaviors highly attractive. The attraction of these drams for audiences is in large part the way they make these 'bad' behaviors available. 

Biografia do Autor

Richard Williams, University of Edinburgh

Richard J. Williams is Professor of Contemporary Visual Cultures at the University of Edinburgh. His books include The Anxious City (2004), Brazil: Modern Architectures in History (2009) and most recently, Sex and Buildings (2013).