Mechanisms and triggers: a discussion on Absorptive Capacity and Sustainability


  • Ricardo Luis Barcelos UNISUL
  • Professor Carlos Rossetto UNIVALI
  • Professora Rachel Magnago UNISUL


This document is part of the doctoral thesis defended in 2022, being a theoretical discussion about the Absorptive Capacity and the Sustainable Performance of organizations and their relationships. At the time, 2018, the thesis project was based on questions such as: “What mechanisms allow organizations to acquire external green knowledge?” or “what triggers the need to acquire green knowledge in organizations”? The theoretical reviews indicated the following question: which mechanisms of social integration, and triggers of organizational absorption capacity, contribute to the sustainable performance of organizations? The discussion provided by a content analysis, based on articles indexed in SCOPUS and WEB of SCIENCE, allowed the description of the mechanisms of social integration and the triggers of the absorptive capacity in relation to the acquisition of green knowledge. In addition, this article identified that employees' mental models, processes and routines directly influence activation triggers and social integration, consequently, Green Absorptive Capacity.