Design for Sustainable Behaviour: Reflections on cultural cooking habits for sustainable innovation in the household appliance sector


  • Karla Scherer Universidade Federal do Paraná
  • Aguinaldo dos Santos


Cultural diversity in culinary practice portrays the polyphony involving a variety of aromas, flavors, people, and places. However, these cultural aspects directly influence food consumption and preparation modes, significantly impacting the habit of sustainable cooking. In this scenario, Design for Sustainable Behavior aims to support solutions oriented to influence behaviors during the use phase of products, to ensure change, lead, and inform the user to a more sustainable decision making. This study aims to present a critical, exploratory, and qualitative literature review on studies of cultural habits for sustainable cooking during the use of household appliances. Through the literature review method, it was possible to identify gaps and emphases on the themes addressed. The results point to a lack of data during the consumption of resources in the domestic environment and the existence of insipient solutions in the area of cooking with a focus on influencing the user to make more sustainable decisions. It is emphasized, thus, the need for the application of Design for Sustainable Behavior strategies in solutions that enable real-time consumption to influence the user to make more sustainable decisions.