Experimental methods on unifying computational and manufactural workflows


  • Affonso Orciuoli ESARQ UIC Sigradi IED RBFD
  • Effimia Giannopoulou
  • Pablo Baquero


Workshop Workflows, Digital Fabrication, Learn by Doing, Approach Design Simulation, Tools.


This paper examines the evolution of a teaching methodology and agenda of a series of intense workshops deployed and evolved with master students of an architectural school. Especially, having the objective of digital manufacturing, merging in one single workflow, designing, materials and CNC methods; Milling, 3D printing and laser cutting. By simulating multiple aspects of developed processes
with a bottom-up approach the goal was to achieve the establishment
of a unique panel based on the knowledge of the tool. The geometrical configurations require also to take into account tolerances together with machine procedures and material behavior. The adopted approach implements material and tool intuition into a learning by doing the process to steer the design based on material and fabrication methods.


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