Trends Management applied to Branding and Cultural Management


  • Nelson Pinheiro Gomes Faculdade de Letras da Universidade de Lisboa


Trends Studies, Coolhunting, Branding, Culture Management.


Trends studies are giving their first steps in academia, after having proven themselves in the social and corporate field. Now it is important to develop scientific models for the application of trends studies, including their major tool and discipline: coolhunting. The creation of models in this disciplinary field allows for the creation of standards in the identification and continuous observation of trends, as well as in their application for the generation of innovation and decision making insights, regarding major mindsets and consumer behavior patterns. The objective of this paper is to analyse the existing tools and perspectives on coolhunting and trends studies.  This allows for the creation of a complex matrix, based on the Portuguese perspective and developments in this field, with several combined models that promote the study and the application of trends on branding, without overlooking cultural management. 

Biografia do Autor

Nelson Pinheiro Gomes, Faculdade de Letras da Universidade de Lisboa

Nelson Pinheiro Gomes is a member of the teaching staff of the Culture and Communication Program – School of Arts and Humanities (University of Lisbon), acting as the co-coordinator of the Post-Graduate Diploma Course in Trends Communication. He is also responsible for the scientific coordination of the Trends Observer – Consumer Culture & innovation research sub-group of the Creative Cultures: Cities, Trends Management Consortium (promoted by organic units of the University of Lisbon). With a research focus on cultural trends studies, as well as cultural branding and management, he completed his PhD and Post-Doctorate in Culture and Communication (ULisbon), as well as an MA in Cultural Sciences, an MBA and several post-graduate certificates and diplomas on Fashion, Urban Policies and Economics, Coolhunting, European Policies, among others. He is also a researcher at ULICES (University of Lisbon Centre for English Studies).


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