Composability model in a distributed simulation environment for supply chain


  • Maria del Milagro Gutierrez Universidad Tecnológica Nacional Facultad Regional Santa FE.
  • Horacio Pascual Leone Universidad Tecnológica Nacional


Distributed simulation, Composability, Ontology network, Supply chain simulation, DEVS


Distributed simulation becomes popular through the use of HLA standard and the necessity of sharing resources. Nevertheless, composability of model is still a problem to overcome. Many solutions propose the use of ontology and SOA architectures in the context of distributed simulation. This work presents a solution to compose simulation models in the context of supply chain simulation. The proposal presents a network ontology that conceptualizes different aspect to taking into account when a federation for supply chain is developed.   


Biografia do Autor

Maria del Milagro Gutierrez, Universidad Tecnológica Nacional Facultad Regional Santa FE.

Doutora. en Ingenieria.

Horacio Pascual Leone, Universidad Tecnológica Nacional

Doutor en Ingeniería.


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