Computer aided tools for designing plant-wide control structures for large-scale industrial processes


  • Patricio Luppi Group of Computer Aided for Process Engineering, French Argentine International Center for Information and Systems Sciences, 27 de Febrero 210 bis, Rosario, Argentina Facultad de Ciencias Exactas Ingeniería y Agrimensura, Universidad Nacional de Rosario
  • Maximiliano García Universidad Tecnológica Nacional
  • David Zumoffen Universidad Tecnológica Nacional
  • Marta Basualdo


Computer Aided Design, Plant-wide Control, Large-scale Pulp Industry, Genetic Algorithm, Dynamic Simulation.


In this work a systematic design procedure of a plant-wide control structure is applied to a well known benchmark problem of a large-scale pulp mill process (CASTRO; DOYLE, 2004a). Because of the high dimension of this system it was necessary to develop some additional computer aided tools for support calculations. It is based on the minimization of the sum of squared deviations (SSD index) (ZUMOFFEN; BASUALDO, 2010) which is done via the use of genetic algorithm. It represents a good trade-off between achieve acceptable results with less computational effort. Previous works presented alternative solutions but using several heuristic considerations for reducing the problem dimensionality. The obtained performance with the selected control structure and the decentralized strategy, presented previously by Castro and Doyle (2004b), are compared. Several closed-loop simulations for critical set point changes are rigorously evaluated here.   10.13084/2175-8018.v03n06a02

Biografia do Autor

Marta Basualdo

Universidad Tecnológica Nacional


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