Scheduling in cellular manufacturing systems


  • Venkata Chalapathi Pasupuleti K.L.University, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, India


Cellular manufacturing, Scheduling, Sequencing rules, Performance measures.


Once the cellular manufacturing system is designed, scheduling of jobs is essential for the day-to-day production in the machine cells.  Scheduling in cellular manufacturing system is generally complicated. In this paper, a methodology has been proposed for prioritizing the parts, as well as preparing the total schedules in a cellular manufacturing system.  It takes into account, the processing sequences of the jobs, processing & setup times and due dates.  The method works out for different dispatching rules viz., first come first serve, shortest processing time, longest processing time, earliest due date and least slack. Various performance measures like the makespan, mean flow time, mean lateness and mean tardiness are used to evaluate the considered dispatching rules. The method gives the sequence of parts to process on each machine and the total schedules for all the operations of the parts. One numerical example is illustrated for the method and also compared with a bench mark problem.   10.13084/2175-8018.v04n07a14

Biografia do Autor

Venkata Chalapathi Pasupuleti, K.L.University, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, India

Professor & Head of Industrial & Production Engineering; Head of SED (Mechanical Engineering); In-Charge of Foreign Students Cell.