Comunicação da marca e percepção do usuário

Álvaro Roberto Dias, Richard Perassi Luiz de Sousa


This article explores the relations between trademarks and the perception of the user, i.e., to understand what happens when brands are no longer a physical and legal symbol to become an object of desire, designed to meet the dreams and fill the gaps. The identity of the organization must integrate the features which are unique and differentiate it from its competitors: communication is the "union" of these characteristics, allowing the understanding that an organization is an entity, is a language, is a symbolic object is interaction, feedback is, is a channel, is one construction of the reality. The identity is born from the recognition of the central characteristics, differentiated and consistent brand design for external audiences: the user. This work is part of the research of the group's studies about research of signification, information and organizational communication, Sigmo / UFSC, from the studies of the perception and the visual language.


Visual identity; Brand perception; Comunication.

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