Linking networks governance and Knowledge Management as support to knowledge valorization

Isabel Pinho, Claudia Pinho


Our starting point is the idea that Network Governance and Knowledge Management can be aligned to maximize its benefits. We defend that it is possible design and govern formal research networks, looking at the various stakeholders objectives, with support of a robust Knowledge Management aligned with a strategic Network Knowledge Governance. In a context of networking spaces of cocreation knowledge, new forms of management and governance emerge. Sciences and Technology Parks can be seen as spaces of collaboration, spaces of dynamic networks where knowledge processes happens (knowledge access, knowledge creation, knowledge sharing and knowledge transfer). Based on those ideas, a literature review is in progress, in order to build a conceptual model of Knowledge Network Governance showing how positive impacts of Networks Governance and Knowledge Management can be used together to improve knowledge use or knowledge valorization. This model can be validated by academic scholars and also used by professionals that want value knowledge at Sciences and Technology Parks. Note that this article is related to first stage of literature review (Seminal review) where we study four background concepts. Results from this stage allow us to develop a review protocol that will support next stage (Systematic review).


Governance; Networks Governance; Knowledge Management; Knowledge Valorization.

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