Developing network location model in uncertainty mode (robust mode)

Samrand Salari, Alireza Alinezhad, Mousa Amini


In this research, facility location problem - network design under uncertainty robust mode will be discussed. In this regard a model will be developed, so that the uncertainty in parameters such as demand and problem’s various costs be considered. Facility location- network design, unlike classical facility location models, which are assumed that network structure is pre-defined and specified- will also decide on the structure of the network. This has been in many actual applications such as road network, communication systems and etc and finding facility location and main network designing simultaneously has deemed important and the need for simultaneous design and optimization models to meet the mentioned items is felt. Different approaches have been developed in the uncertainty optimization literature. Amongst them, robust and stochastic optimization are well-known. In this research robust optimization approach to deal with uncertainty and problem modeling have been used. In addition, by using generated random samples, the proposed model has been tested and computational analysis is presented for various parameters.


Facility location; Network design; Robust optimization (Solid); Minimizing the maximum regret.

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